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MLM Network Marketing Rule #5 – Present Your Value Before You Present Your Business

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Everybody, and I mean Everybody, judges according to appearances. You might try to fight this reality, but it’s true and I’m going to prove it right now with a story.

I sat in my car at the ATM the other day, waiting for a young woman to finish her transaction. As I watched, I saw her pull a receipt from the machine, and upon looking at what was written, she made a face that showed disappointment. My first thought, “she has no money in her account.”

From that thought came this next thought, “she should do a better job of managing her finances.” So, I proceeded to the ATM for my transaction. I went through the motions of punching in my code, made my selection and waited. A few seconds later, out popped a receipt that said, “This machine is experiencing technical difficulties. Please visit another location. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

From my original vantage point, I assumed incorrectly that the other person was out of money, but in reality, that was clearly not the case. I judged the situation based upon what I saw without having all the information to draw a correct conclusion.

So, what does this have to do with presenting your value? If you cannot effectively show your prospect that you are capable of leading them to get whatever it is that they are after, it doesn’t matter how great the product is, the comp plan, your company’s history, etc. They Will Judge You And Walk Away.

This is the #1 reason why emails that start off with “Brilliant comp plan, best in the industry!” or “Get in EARLY before everyone else finds out and make big money!” don’t work. It all sounds the same to your prospect and you have been ineffective in proving your value.

Before you bother with trying to convince your prospect how great your company/product/comp plan is, why not take the approach of solidifying in their mind how you help others achieve success? For example:

- How your marketing approach produces leads so they don’t have to chase friends/family
- How your team dominates your current market
- Testimonies of people you’ve directly worked with and how they see you as a leader
- Producing documentation of your past success working with people with limited time/money

It’s all about value. If you’re having a hard time recruiting people in your downline, maybe it’s because you’re too focused on the wrong thing. Do you know everyone’s favorite radio station? It’s WII FM, which stands for, “What’s In It For Me?” You may THINK it’s the comp plan, company, product, etc., but in reality it’s YOU. It’s always been YOU. It always will be YOU.

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Personal Bankruptcy Review – Statements That Need to Be Presented to the Court

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Once a debtor has decided that he wants to file a bankruptcy petition, he will be required to present the court with various statements that will enable them to determine under which chapter the debtor should file. The debtor is also expected to present a list of all the creditors and a list of the assets that are under his name.

This way, the court will be able to weigh the options available and determine whether they are applicable in the case of that particular debtor. Once the debtor has filed a personal insolvency it is important that they understand what the court will do with the debts accumulated. They might wonder what will happen to the students loan, the tax or any other debt in their name.

In the past, before 1998 all student loans in the United States of America were discharged under the liquidation chapter. This would be done in case the first payment was expected to be paid seven years or more before the petition was filed. The new law allows student loans to be discharged under chapter 13. Personal bankruptcy filed under the wage earner chapter allows for the students loan to be consolidated along other outstanding balances.

It is also possible that the attorney handling the case to arrange for a free interest repayment plan. This way the debtor will be freed from harassment from student loan agencies. Tax relief can only be gotten if an individual files a personal bankruptcy petition more than three years after filing a timely truthful tax return. In case the court does not receive this in time, then you are advised to wait for two years to get the tax relief.

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What Led Me to the Present Moment?

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At this point, I have the desire to give just a little story about the income path that has opened my eyes to the power of exponential growth. In addition, I want to express my heart-felt gratitude for the ability to market this extraordinary company. Thank you, again, for my wise mentors on my path!

Before I start on this story, I also want to mention and recommend a way of making dreams come true. I share this with my experience over the past 12 years of using the philosophy of continuously focusing on “what you want” or as some people call it, “The Law of Attraction”! My partner, Marta and I, have used these ‘strategies’, if you will, and we continue to reap the benefits and wisdom of Abraham-Hicks, please see the link at the end of this article. We recommend signing up on this website to receive the free, introductory CD. You might want to try receiving the monthly CD and any or all of the books are very useful resources for your life.

Six years ago this past March, my good friend, Lynette, introduced my partner and I to an all natural product, click the following link to learn more about the value of noni, please email me for more info. This super fruit has been our main natural supplement that we take everyday. Also, we have made our main source of income by educating people about the benefit of this supplement. This gave us the freedom to make the journey from Madison, Wisconsin, to Boise, Idaho, to be closer to our family. I tell you this information not to sell you on noni, but to share one of my passions in this world. Tahitian Noni International (TNI) has allowed us the freedom to have the flexibility of playing with our family and enjoying the benefits of residual income.

During this 6 1/2 year adventure, we have built a business with the support of our business partners/friends and mentors along the way. It certainly has been a HUGE learning opportunity and, of course, we have enjoyed consuming the wisdom along the way. I would love to share some business-building strategies along the way in order for you to not have “to re-create the wheel”, as “they” say. I tell you this, not to sell you or convince you of anything, but to pass along the extraordinary learnings that have led me to my present moment. At this time, Marta and I are in the process of setting up our internet marketing of our TNI business. For me, it is a fun process as there is a huge learning curve to creating an internet system that builds success. It certainly is smart to have mentors along the way who have already created success with online marketing. I am so grateful to Kathy, Stan, and Alena, thank you!

Just lately, I have heard some wise business advice from a friend and mentor in Canada, Stan, about building a foundation for internet marketing, you need to brand “you”. The place to start is to decide who your target market is, for example:

1. What age group do you want to market?
For example: 35-65 year olds

2. Do you want to market to men or women, or, both?

3. Do you want to target a certain group of people?
For example: Dentists, Network Marketers, Lawyers, etc.

4. Do you have a service, product, or company that you want to market to the world?
If you are interested in recommending a product, company, or service, how do you choose? Please e-mail me for this information, l [email protected].

Next, take some time and write down your top 3 passions in life (i.e., travel, grandkids, gardening, noni). What are those areas in your life that you love to talk about?

Have you taken the time to write down the above information? Congratulations, you are on your way to creating an internet business that brands “You”. Imagine the feeling of being creative, expressing yourself, and having the system to market yourself to the world. Imagine as you reap the benefits of creating multiple streams of income coming to you through “” as you play and sleep at night! You do have the ability to create this for yourself. Please see the free e-book of “The Marketers Manifesto” for some foundational guidance to jump-start your internet business, please email me for more information.

Our mentors have steered us to a great resource that is teaching us how to create an internet business, the online university, Renegade University. One of the exciting strategies through Renegade, is to learn how to “monetize” our efforts as we study. Definition of monetize: Monetize means to convert something to money. In Internet terms monetize refers to finding a way to generate income from items posted on the Web. I am so excited about learning and passing on this extraordinary information. For more information about the step-by-step online learning, please contact me.

So that, my friends, is a synopsis of what has lead me to my present moment in my life. I am excited and in-love with learning and creating from my heart! Most of all, take in these nuggets that I have passed along and have fun yourself. Create from your heart and remember, “the terror of urgency only creates confusion”. Please let me know if you have any questions and I appreciate your comments.

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Nokia N96 and LG Secre – Suitable For Present Day Users

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Nokia and LG are two big brands which are attracting the people across the globe and across the nation. Both of these brands have launched a verity of models which have created a lot of craze among youngsters. The handsets of these brands are full of sophisticated features as well as nice looks. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide whether the handsets of which brand should be bought. But, after some analysis, it is not at all impossible to decide. After careful comparison, you can get to know which of the gadgets suit you best.

For instance, Nokia N96 versus LG Secret can be compared in this respect. Some time back, Nokia launched its N-series which has gained a widespread popularity throughout the world. The Nokia N96 is one of its renowned handsets, that can be seen in the handsets of many youngsters. On the other hand LG launched the Secret-series. Two main handsets of this series are LG KF750 Secret and LG KS755 series.

The Nokia N96 supports both 2G and 3G technologies. On the other hand, on paying heed on the secret-series we find that the LG Secret KF750 also support 2G and 3G technologies, whereas Secret KF755 only supports 2G technology. So, it will be better approach to compare the N96 with the Secret KF750. Both of the handsets consist of every feature desired by the present day users. The weight of the Secret KF750 is 116 grams with the dimensions of 102.8 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm. On the other hand, the N96 is a bit heavy as compared to the Secret having the weight of 125 grams and the dimensions of 103 x 55 x 18 mm.

Camera feature is supposed to be necessary in the present day handsets. The camera features of the aforesaid handsets are almost similar to each other. Both the handsets have 5 mega pixels camera, that gives the image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. LED flash, autofocus and additional videocall camera are also available in order to enjoy the photography in better way. Face detection features is also available in the Secret, whereas, Carl Zeiss optics is the additional features in the N96.

Good memory is required in the handsets in order to keep the heavy files containing important data, pictures videos etc. The LG Secret has 100 MB internal memory and the memory can be expended up to 4 GB in its microSD card slot. On the other hand, the N96 has 16 GB internal storage space, 128 MB RAM and a microSD card slot that is capable to add 8 GB additional space. Undoubtedly, on comparing the Nokia N96 versus LG Secret, we find that both of these gadgets have excellent features and it will not be wrong choice if you are thinking to buy any of them. Users can decide which of these handsets meet their requirement better.

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What Are The Various Ice Machines Present in the Market?

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There has been a considerable growth of the restaurant and eatery businesses over the past few years. As such, the food industry has to employ specific equipments to make sure that they are able to serve their clients in the most efficient manner. Ice Making Machines are one such piece of equipment which is very essential for the ‘kitchen’ of a commercial ‘restaurant’. In fact, there are a lot of benefits of purchasing an ‘ice machine’ for your business.

While actually trying to choose between the several ‘ice machines’ present in the market, make sure you give due weight to a lot of things. Such parameters would involve the actual ‘size’ of the machine. This would decide the amount of space being taken up by it in the commercial establishment. Then there is the type of ice produced by it, whether they are in the form of ‘cubes’, ‘flakes or ‘nuggets’. The design is important in terms of the use for which the ice is employed. Further requirements include type of ‘cooling’ system employed’, type of ‘condenser’ fitted in the equipment etc.

It is a very good idea to buy a Manitowoc Ice Machine mainly because of the several advantages it poses for the client. It requires the least amount of maintenance. Being compact, it uses a lot less energy than the usual ‘ice makers’ present in the industry. The makers of the machine have kept in mind to incorporate safety features in the machine and have made it by keeping in mind the guidelines of regulatory organization.

There is one more type of ‘ice machine’ called the Undercounter Ice Machine. It has the capacity to produce a lot of ice – around ’1500 lbs’ per day. They are small in size but are a lot efficient when it comes to producing ice. Newer model types have been produced also include additional features like a ‘cold water’ dispenser.’ offers innovative products for home and hospitality. It offers a wide range of Ice Making Machines including Undercounter Ice Machine, Industrial Ice Machines, Manitowoc Ice Machine, Franklin & Scotsman Ice Machines and other luxury outdoor appliances of high quality at unbeatable prices.

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