3 Hot Tips For Presentations To New Prospects

3 Hot Tips For MLM Success

Here are 3 simple tips to communicate your business opportunity to new prospects, be they friends, acquaintances or cold leads:

1. Create Suspense.

You need to create suspense. Sometimes, we shoot ourselves in the foot by just talking too much and giving too much information at the get go.

Stop doing it

Instead be brief and build excitement and curiosity

When you talk too much you leave an opportunity for your prospect to make an uninformed decision – you don’t want that.

Be prepared to develop a planned strategy in how you prospect for team members

Develop the same principles of farming. A farmer plants seeds and then reaps at a later stage. You need to develop an environment of curiosity that leads the prospect to want to “buy” from you rather than you having to “sell” them – there is a huge psychological difference between the two.

Leaving the prospect in suspense makes them eager to hear what you have to say.

The point here is to get them to want to hear what you say, otherwise you are giving them just information rather than inspiration.

Suspense makes the prospect interested in what you have to say.

2. Urgency

You also need to move your prospects towards a decision that is time sensitive. You need to give them a reason to ACT NOW rather than waiting.

You need to give your prospect a compelling reason to act now. Buying moments are fleeting moments, so load up whatever you need to give by way of incentives to ensure that the prospect makes a decision now. It is statistically proven that it is harder to sell someone a second time than it is the first, so seize the moment first time round.

If you prepare the prospect through SUSPENSE, and then give them a compelling reason to act in an URGENT manner now, then you have set the scene for the third thing you need.

3. Fear Of Loss

You need to remind your prospect that if they don’t act now they will experience some form of loss, be it financial, emotional, or psychological.

Now one disclaimer I would put here ….. You have to believe that they will suffer loss. Don’t peddle a line that is a throw away sales line. If you genuinely believe that they will suffer some loss then communicate this with enthusiasm. Anything less will be shown up in time as a sales line.

If you don’t genuinely believe there will be loss, then get out of that and get into something that you passionately believe in !

People smell fakes a mile away – it is called intuition.

A fear of loss gives your prospect a reason to ACT. It is a buying motive they need to make them decide now rather than later, or not at all.

Combine all three in your lead generation, be it verbal or written, be it cold or warm lead.

Practice all three and develop your own scripts, based on what you will say in a variety of different situations, and also develop responses to a range of responses. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out what people will say in the majority of cases, so prepare in advance.

Suspense, Urgency & Fear of Loss – include them in all your presentations and watch your downline grow before your eyes

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