3 Killer Mobile Applications That Can Bring Your Presentations and Speeches to the Next Level

If you find yourself frequently delivering presentations and speeches to an audience, you might want to consider making technology your friend. Leverage on the latest technology, software and mobile applications to take your public speaking game to the next level, and look cool in the process.

Here are 3 applications that you can download and use immediately for your next presentation.

Application #1: SpeakerClock for iPhone

SpeakerClock is a practical and easy way to track the timing of your speeches and make sure you don’t go overtime. With its bright red LED digits, you can easily spot the timer even while speaking. This allows you to move around freely as the timer can be seen from a great distance. Better still, SpeakerClock uses the famous countdown clock similar to those used by TED speakers. By using this app, your timings are definitely well controlled.

Application #2: Infonet Presenter for iPhone

Infonet Presenter is an integrated presentation system and multi-purpose platform that allows speakers the luxury of displaying a buffet spread of files in a few clicks, from web content, to images, videos, podcasts, documents created by your office software, and documents sitting on your intranets. You can organize all these presentation assets in presentation folders so that during the presentation you can focus on the message, and not on technology.

Application #3: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows you to engage your audience with a real-time poll. It aggregates responses from mobile phones, Twitter and web browsers. You can employ it either as a standalone polling app alongside your presentation. But if you will like to integrate it with your PowerPoint slides, all you have to do is just to download and use Poll Everywhere’s PollEv Presenter App.


Whether you are a busy business executive, a public speaker, or a student that delivers speeches and conducts presentations on a frequent basis, these 3 applications can help you deliver higher quality speeches. This list is non-exhaustive; there are many more software and mobile applications out there that you might find useful. Therefore, go out and explore the wonderful world of technology. The power for enhanced public speaking performance is now at your finger tips.

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