5 Tips On How to Stay in the Present

The purpose of life is to live. If you allow yourself to not treasure the simple things, you fail to take advantage of the gift of life. I will give you five tips on how to stay in the present.

Forgive and forget the past

We often get caught up in thinking about the past. Regardless if it is positive or negative situations, living in the past prevents us from experiencing the present. We have already been through that time. Forgive the past if it is a negative situation. This will allow you to move on. Forget the past if it is a positive situation. Reliving past glories does nothing but keep you out of the present. Time has moved on and so must you.

Do not live in the future

We all have goals of what we want to achieve. One method of achieving success is to envision you achieving the goal. What you do not want to do is neglect the work that needs to be done in the present. If you live in the future, fantasying about your success, you fail to make progress right now. Dream, set goals from your dreams, plan and execute. This will enable you to stay in the present so that your future will eventually become the now.

Cherish the moment

Life is full of surprises and events that cannot be repeated. A child’s first walk or first word. Watching a sunrise or sunset with someone you love. Experiencing a funny moment with friends or family. All of these are just examples of things that happen in everyday life. The feeling that you experience when they occur is real for that moment. You can try to get that feeling back but it is never the same. When you live in the present, every moment is a gift. A gift you must cherish.

Don’t take things for granted

Just as you should cherish every moment that you live, so should you not take things or people for granted. We never know how long we will live. It is important to let those that we care for know how we feel. If your attitude is that they will always be around then you really are not thankful for having them in your life. To live in the present is to be thankful for not only what you have but who is with you.

Live for the day

Each day that we wake up to is a blessing. Live each day to the fullest. Do not leave for tomorrow, what you can do today. Tomorrow is not promised. Realize that you have to take advantage of every second that you have. Every minute should be treasured. Every moment should count.

“If you are looking in the past, you can’t see the future thus you are not living in the present” – Osric V. Baugham

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