MLM Network Marketing Rule #5 – Present Your Value Before You Present Your Business

Everybody, and I mean Everybody, judges according to appearances. You might try to fight this reality, but it’s true and I’m going to prove it right now with a story.

I sat in my car at the ATM the other day, waiting for a young woman to finish her transaction. As I watched, I saw her pull a receipt from the machine, and upon looking at what was written, she made a face that showed disappointment. My first thought, “she has no money in her account.”

From that thought came this next thought, “she should do a better job of managing her finances.” So, I proceeded to the ATM for my transaction. I went through the motions of punching in my code, made my selection and waited. A few seconds later, out popped a receipt that said, “This machine is experiencing technical difficulties. Please visit another location. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

From my original vantage point, I assumed incorrectly that the other person was out of money, but in reality, that was clearly not the case. I judged the situation based upon what I saw without having all the information to draw a correct conclusion.

So, what does this have to do with presenting your value? If you cannot effectively show your prospect that you are capable of leading them to get whatever it is that they are after, it doesn’t matter how great the product is, the comp plan, your company’s history, etc. They Will Judge You And Walk Away.

This is the #1 reason why emails that start off with “Brilliant comp plan, best in the industry!” or “Get in EARLY before everyone else finds out and make big money!” don’t work. It all sounds the same to your prospect and you have been ineffective in proving your value.

Before you bother with trying to convince your prospect how great your company/product/comp plan is, why not take the approach of solidifying in their mind how you help others achieve success? For example:

- How your marketing approach produces leads so they don’t have to chase friends/family
- How your team dominates your current market
- Testimonies of people you’ve directly worked with and how they see you as a leader
- Producing documentation of your past success working with people with limited time/money

It’s all about value. If you’re having a hard time recruiting people in your downline, maybe it’s because you’re too focused on the wrong thing. Do you know everyone’s favorite radio station? It’s WII FM, which stands for, “What’s In It For Me?” You may THINK it’s the comp plan, company, product, etc., but in reality it’s YOU. It’s always been YOU. It always will be YOU.

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