Nokia N96 and LG Secre – Suitable For Present Day Users

Nokia and LG are two big brands which are attracting the people across the globe and across the nation. Both of these brands have launched a verity of models which have created a lot of craze among youngsters. The handsets of these brands are full of sophisticated features as well as nice looks. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide whether the handsets of which brand should be bought. But, after some analysis, it is not at all impossible to decide. After careful comparison, you can get to know which of the gadgets suit you best.

For instance, Nokia N96 versus LG Secret can be compared in this respect. Some time back, Nokia launched its N-series which has gained a widespread popularity throughout the world. The Nokia N96 is one of its renowned handsets, that can be seen in the handsets of many youngsters. On the other hand LG launched the Secret-series. Two main handsets of this series are LG KF750 Secret and LG KS755 series.

The Nokia N96 supports both 2G and 3G technologies. On the other hand, on paying heed on the secret-series we find that the LG Secret KF750 also support 2G and 3G technologies, whereas Secret KF755 only supports 2G technology. So, it will be better approach to compare the N96 with the Secret KF750. Both of the handsets consist of every feature desired by the present day users. The weight of the Secret KF750 is 116 grams with the dimensions of 102.8 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm. On the other hand, the N96 is a bit heavy as compared to the Secret having the weight of 125 grams and the dimensions of 103 x 55 x 18 mm.

Camera feature is supposed to be necessary in the present day handsets. The camera features of the aforesaid handsets are almost similar to each other. Both the handsets have 5 mega pixels camera, that gives the image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. LED flash, autofocus and additional videocall camera are also available in order to enjoy the photography in better way. Face detection features is also available in the Secret, whereas, Carl Zeiss optics is the additional features in the N96.

Good memory is required in the handsets in order to keep the heavy files containing important data, pictures videos etc. The LG Secret has 100 MB internal memory and the memory can be expended up to 4 GB in its microSD card slot. On the other hand, the N96 has 16 GB internal storage space, 128 MB RAM and a microSD card slot that is capable to add 8 GB additional space. Undoubtedly, on comparing the Nokia N96 versus LG Secret, we find that both of these gadgets have excellent features and it will not be wrong choice if you are thinking to buy any of them. Users can decide which of these handsets meet their requirement better.

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