What Are The Various Ice Machines Present in the Market?

There has been a considerable growth of the restaurant and eatery businesses over the past few years. As such, the food industry has to employ specific equipments to make sure that they are able to serve their clients in the most efficient manner. Ice Making Machines are one such piece of equipment which is very essential for the ‘kitchen’ of a commercial ‘restaurant’. In fact, there are a lot of benefits of purchasing an ‘ice machine’ for your business.

While actually trying to choose between the several ‘ice machines’ present in the market, make sure you give due weight to a lot of things. Such parameters would involve the actual ‘size’ of the machine. This would decide the amount of space being taken up by it in the commercial establishment. Then there is the type of ice produced by it, whether they are in the form of ‘cubes’, ‘flakes or ‘nuggets’. The design is important in terms of the use for which the ice is employed. Further requirements include type of ‘cooling’ system employed’, type of ‘condenser’ fitted in the equipment etc.

It is a very good idea to buy a Manitowoc Ice Machine mainly because of the several advantages it poses for the client. It requires the least amount of maintenance. Being compact, it uses a lot less energy than the usual ‘ice makers’ present in the industry. The makers of the machine have kept in mind to incorporate safety features in the machine and have made it by keeping in mind the guidelines of regulatory organization.

There is one more type of ‘ice machine’ called the Undercounter Ice Machine. It has the capacity to produce a lot of ice – around ’1500 lbs’ per day. They are small in size but are a lot efficient when it comes to producing ice. Newer model types have been produced also include additional features like a ‘cold water’ dispenser.’

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